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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Word To The Hard Done DE Razor User

Just a short posting to humbly apologize to my DE-shaving friends who felt that I was a bit hard on the practice in my recent article, "Going Green By Shaving Straight." 

Shaving with a permanent, all-metal razor that uses all-metal blades is certainly MUCH kinder to the planet than using plastic disposables.  It also produces an outstanding shave that provides much the same benefits to the skin as does straight razor shaving.  While my heart will likely stay with my beloved antique straight razors, I have to acknowledge that DE shaving is still pretty "green" (especially if you have one of those old medicine cabinets with the slot that lets you drop the used blades between the beams of your house).  So I tip my badger brush to all of my DE-shaving cousins - gentlemen all!

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