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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Vintage Shaving Shoppe Joins The Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths

It is important, as collectors, to recognize the contributions of the artisans of the past whose skills and dedication produced the beautiful creations we love to own.  But we should not forget  that there are men and women in the present day, who devote years of study and practice to the art of fine metalwork.  In our area, these people are admirably represented by the Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths.  We have chosen to become members not only to support the art, but also to increase our in-house knowledge of technique.  I find personally that the more I learn, the more I respect the work involved in creating fine blades - particularly "early" blades and those with special features such a fancy "worked" spines.

If you have such an organization near you, I strongly encourage you to join and become involved.

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