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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do You Have A "Want List" Yet?

Common in coin collecting, the "want list" (WL) simply represents the items you are looking to add to your collection. For coin collectors, it's about filling in the holes in your dates and mint marks. With razors, you have considerably more flexibility. One of my clients had the great idea to collect razors made in his state. Other people collect certain brands, others a specific style of scales, other collect Sheffield, others Solingen.

There are many ways to collect as I have mentioned in another posting. So you might want to sit down and make a list of the razors you need to create your dream collection. I am trying to figure out how to create an application that will let you maintain a want list that I can track, so I can contact you when I have something that you need. Until then, feel free to email us at with your hearts desires. I will do my best to fulfill them.

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