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Monday, October 25, 2010

FREE Reference Materials For Razor, Cutlery & Shaving Item Collectors

What others are selling, I am offering online for FREE as a public service to my fellow collectors.

AS I have written before, many collectors of straight razors in particular, suffer from a lack of sources for identifying the makers of their collectible razors. There are a couple of published references out there, but there is so much left undocumented. The Vintage Shaving Shoppe has initiated this project to make reference materials available to collectors worldwide. We hope that you will benefit from these links and that you will contribute to them, so we can work towards creating a truly comprehensive reference.

Your comments are welcome!

Hyperlink to The Goldsmiths Jewelers and Silversmiths of London 1863 directory

Hyperlink to Miscellaneous Bayonet Markings

Hyperlink to The Journeyman Barber

Hyperlink to The Gillette Blade

Hyperlink to Perfumery & Kindred Arts

Hyperlink to Trademarks On Base Metal Tableware

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