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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

JUST RELEASED: Our NEW line of Premium Diamond Slurry Products.

Anyone who uses straight razors knows the value of a truly polished edge, which is as free as possible from imperfections and those nasty serrations. As someone who sharpens razors professionally, I know it can take a lot of time and effort to get a razor in a condition where it is fit to shave with - old wedges can be particularly troublesome. But once I'm done and have sent the shave-ready razor to a customer. I want him to be able to use it for many months without having to send it back to me for rehoning. So I took the system that I created for my own razor finishing practice and made it accessible and easy to use for the average shaver. Best of all, this system doesn't require investing in expensive hones and it doesn't require a lot of room. It is easy to use and it doesn't make a mess. It is our patent pending blade finishing system - the Magnetic StropBox and our NEW Premium Diamond Slurry Sprays..

The Magnetic StropBox System pairs up a box with one magnetic side with a two types of tops (called StropTops) that adhere to it - top bovine leather and 100% hard wool felt. Of particular interest to the razor user is the hard wool felt StropTop. These soft but tough tops are the perfect surfaces on which to use our exclusive line of Premium Diamond Slurry Sprays, available in 2 Micron 1 Micron, .50 Micron and .25 Micron. Just spray the felt lightly and strop your edge to perfection. How far you want to go down in grit is up to you. 2 Microns in the equivalent of an 11,000 grit stone. Some folks will be fine with that. I like to go all the way down to 1/4 Micron for the smoothest possible shave. It's the finish that I use for my razor customers and the one I use for myself. Of course, I finish up with leather before shaving. With my handy StropBox and StropTops, I no longer have to stand in the bathroom to strop razors. And the tops are so cheap that I don't have to kick myself if I cut one.

The system also works for pocket knives, kitchen knives and tools.

If you want to keep your razors performing at their best and your knives and tools at their sharpest, you MUST check out our products TODAY!

You can buy any of our StropBox items or Slurry Sprays at

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