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Friday, February 25, 2011

Product Review: "Buck & Beard Hand Made Damascus Steel Razor" - Stay Away...Far Away!

Like many folks I know, I've always wanted a true Damascus razor.  So when I saw one on eBay, I was hopeful that this razor would be something special. It certainly looked cool enough in the pictures. When I received it, the lack of quality was immediately apparent. As you know, I typically buy antique and vintage razors (almost a thousand of them to date). I have bought a new razor, not counting this one, once. When I buy something modern, I expect perfection, or at least something close to it. These are my observations on the razor & sleeve that I received:

  • Rusty rivet backs on the leather pouch
  • Poor craftsmanship on the scales
  • ONE of the screw-in pins has a lock washer on the outside. Looks like it was done to compensate for a blade that would not close properly
  • Significant crack at the end of one of the scales
  • Poorly fitting, misshapen wedge
  • Rust on the edges of one of the internal washers which seem to be made of cheap steel
  • Steel itself seems to be of low quality and weight - not what one would expect of a true Damascus blade
  • As shipped, the edge had the bite of a butter knife. I was NOT expecting shave ready, but this one couldn't cut cardboard
  • The blade does not lay flat on the hone, so there is no way that it will produce an even edge. The only way to hone it would be to apply tape strategically to the spine in multiple locations in an attempt to make it lay flat. You should not have to do this on a "hand-crafted" American made razor.
I was honestly hoping for something really nice and was very disappointed for the reasons above. Quality control has to be just awful. If this razor is truly American made, they must have imported the craftsmanship levels from Pakistan.  Yes folks, it is THAT bad.

This is one razor that is most DEFINITELY going back to the seller.  Negative feedback regarding the quality of the razor will be left on eBay in the hopes that others will see it and avoid this product.

The seller is bucknbeardamascusknives

Stay away from this product.

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