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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NEW Product Coming Later This Week & .25 PCD Off The Charts!

Sales of our .25 Micron Polycrystalline Diamond Slurry spray is exceeding all of our expectations.  We are completely sold out at the moment.  We have placed another order (every lot is made fresh and to our specifications) and we expect to ship more product by next Monday or Tuesday.  After chatting with some of our customers, they are reporting buying this spray because, in the words of one customer "(Little Stropper) diamond sprays are SO much less expensive than competitors, it's hard to justify NOT buying a bottle."  While the .25 Micron PCD spray is the largest single seller, we have had many sales of the entire line of sprays, both in the USA and worldwide.

In response to many requests for an even finer level of honing by our straight razor customers, we will also be introducing next week our .125 Micron Polycrystalline Diamond Slurry Spray.  And even though this formulation costs us nearly three times what we pay for our $12.95 bottles of 1 Micron MCD slurry, we will be keeping the price of this new product low by cutting back on our own profit margins.  The price of this new spray will be only $17.95 per two ounce bottle.  Compare that with competitors such as the one here, selling the cheaper .25 Micron formulation for $33.95.  We will NOT be undersold by any competitor.  If you haven't tried your first bottle, now is a GREAT time to start.

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