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Monday, May 16, 2011

NEWSFLASH! Our NEW Online Store Went Live Today!

Hello Friends!

First of all, I wish to thank you for your past patronage of The Vintage Shaving Shoppe & Little Stropper brands.  Your trust and confidence in our products and services has meant a great deal to all of us.

Wjohn_profile4e have been doing several things over the past couple of months that we are very excited to tell you about:

  • We have a NEW online store
    This store will offer you more products than ever before - including those inexpensive, yet hard-to-find washroom and shaving items that most online stores don't carry.
  • On the store homepage, you will find a link where you can sign up for our newsletter.  Our current plan is to send these monthly, providing both shaving and collecting tips.
  • We have been preparing a large number of shave-ready antique and vintage straight razors for sale.  You will begin to see these on both eBay and on our new store in the next few weeks (we may email you to notify you when we have them listed).  These will include Wade & Butcher, Case, Dubl Duck, Winchester, Clark & Hall, John Barber, Geo. Wostenholm and many others.  As always, feel free to contact us with personal requests - we are constantly buying new razors and have over 1,000 currently in stock.
  • Our new store provides shipping methods for our international clients as well as for our domestic customers. Now our friends across the globe will have access to nearly all of the products in the store!
  • We recently added another product to our line of premium diamond honing sprays - a .125 Micron SPD spray.  This is a great product for that ultimate "final finish."  You can use this, or any of our other sprays on hard wool felt, leather or even balsa wood.  Our sprays are also great for keeping your knives razor sharp.  At up to 35% less than competitive products and with our ironclad satisfaction guarantee, you simply cannot go wrong with these products.  Try one or more bottles TODAY!
Thanks for making it to the bottom of this post and thank you once again for your business.  We are here to serve you.  If you have any questions or have products that you would like us to obtain for you, don't hesitate to contact me personally at

Very Truly Yours,

John H. Tischler
The Vintage Shaving Shoppe, LLC.

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