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Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning & Organizing

Been spending quite a lot of time trying to organize my inventory.  Not surprisingly, since I have been in antiques for quite a long time, there are MANY things other than razors that I have.  One thing I am doing that does not sound terribly exciting - but actually is - is creating a computerized inventory of every razor I have.

"So what does that do for me?" you ask.

Well, I'll tell you.  When I am finally done (I am up to around 150 razors in the database now), I will be able to instantly search and location razors by:
  • Brand
  • Grind
  • Scale Material
  • Shave Ready/Not Shave Ready
  • Blade Size
That should be of GREAT interest to all of you specialists out there.  Now if you are looking for a Wade & Butcher "cleaver" I can tell you how many I have that are shave-ready.  Do you hanker for razors with ivory scales?  I will be able to find our how many I have and exactly what manufacturer made the blade in less than a minute.  Considering that I have nearly 1,000 razors in stock, that is going to be a very interesting database.

Since I do all of this work in the evenings, it will please me greatly to have my two daughters over the summer (part time) assisting me with this project.  While they are somewhat less than enthusiastic about their "summer job," I believe it will teach them the value of hard work...well, I can dream, can't I?

Sales of the diamond slurries and men's shaving products on the new website have been excellent (thank you all!)  I am working on getting some razors on the site.

In the spirit of my spring cleaning, you will find me disposing of some very nice items that are completely unrelated to shaving.  Today I put up a killer collection of working vintage guitar effects pedals.  You should check them out if you play, or if your kids do.

Thanks again for your business and for reading my blog!


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